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From time to time, Archaeological and Cultural Heritage (ARCH) Science hits the news, either in the popular press or the scientific press.
Worth recording such rather infrequent events, perhaps. I welcome visitors to this website to feed news, URL's and other snippets from the press.

August 2009

LightSources.Org August 20 - Cornell synchrotron unveils long-hidden Wyeth painting

May 2009

Royal Society News May 20 - Fire and water reveal true age of ancient relics

May 2008

Elefteros Typos, Athens

San Diego Union Tribute

May 9 – Today’s European citizen is interested in History

May 8 - Role of concrete in ancient pyramids debated

April 2008

Discovery News

Boston Globe

MIT News

April 25 - Egypt's Pyramids Packed With Seashells (Not Concrete)

April 22 - A new angle on pyramids

April 2 - Gathering 'concrete' evidence



April 1 - Secret 'dino bugs' revealed

March 2008

Times Higher Education

March 27 – The Future is Bright – by Philip Esler CEO of AHRC

February 2008

From our own correspondent,  Wired-GOV

February 29 - The Art of Hard Science


January 2008


January 28 - Early papyrus ‘rewrites history’

September 2007

BBC NEWS              

September 13 - 'Super-scope' to see hidden texts

May 2007

29th Conf. on Cement Microscopy, Quebec City.

May 20-24 - The Great Pyramid Debate:

The Pyramids: Cast, Poured, or Both? – Michel Barsoum, Drextel University.


Evidence from Detailed Petrographic Examinations of Casing Stones from the Great Pyramid of Khufu, A Natural Limestone from Tura, and a Geopolymeric Limestone, Dipayan Jana,Constructions Materials Consultants, Inc.

December 2006

The Times

December 1 - Pyramids were built with concrete rather than rocks, scientists claim.

See also “From our own correspondent” 14 June 2004 - Bloomin heck!, said Herodotus. That much for raddish, onions and garlic?

November 2006

From our own correspondent

DIAMOND Press Release

New York Times

ESRF Press Release

November 5 - Idle Pursuits: Can any mathematician out there address the Ithaca question?

November 3 – To the mother of all Synchrotrons: A baby boy, called DIAMOND.

November 7 - Chlorinated Paintings

November 1 - Recovering Pompeii

July 2006

The Economist

July 20 - Reading the invisible: The last few pages of an ancient Greek manuscript are about to be unveiled

January 2006

Physics World

January 13 - A hi-tech approach to History

December 2005

Northwestern University press release

December 1 - Northwestern Collaborates With Art Institute on Conservation Science

September 2005

BBC News
Cambridge UP

 SSRL News

Nature News
Daily Telegraph

September 29 - The true location of Odysseus' Ithaca
September 29 - Study 'locates' Homer's Ithaca

 September 27 - Preserving a 460 year old wreck
September 27 - Terror of the Tudor Seas Suffers from Sulfur

September 6 - Organic bath saves paper from decay
September 6 - Scientists find way to extend life of decaying historic works 

August 2005

Cornell CHESS Press release

August 2- Scientists and Humanists Join Forces to Use X-ray Technology to Shed New Light on Ancient Stone Inscriptions

July 2005

ESRF Newsletetr No 41

El Pais

July - Was Agnes Sorel - the first official mistress of France - really poisoned?

July 21 - A synchrotron beam sheds new light of the secrets of ancient works of art
July 13 - La luz sincrotrón ilumina obras de arte 

June 2005


June 13 - Conservar el patrimoni amb l’ajuda de la llum de sincrotró

May 2005 

SLAC Interaction Point

Dialogo Iberoamericano

April 2005 

The Sunday Times (Malta

SSCR Journal 

April 10 - Palace Armoury under synchrotron investigation

 Innovative tools for exhibition purposes: environment and damage assesment

March 2005 

The Guardian 

March 1 - Ancient sky map or fake? German experts row over star disc

Jan-Mar 2005

French Ministry of Culture Newsletter
Culture & Research, No 104,  pp.14-15. 

 Le synchrotron SOLEIL au service de l’archaeologie et du patrimoine

December 2004 

Paper Conservation News 


Innovative tools for exhibition purposes: COST-G8 Course Review 

Synchrotron Analysis for Cultural Research

September 2004 

Die Welt 

23 September - Ein Kampfhelm unter Beschuss

June 2004 

From our own correspondent

AggelioforoV MakedoniaV
Guardian International Weekly
Heise online

14 June - Bloomin heck!, said Herodotus. That much for raddish, onions and garlic?

  5 June - Heading for battle
  2 June - Antiker Kampfhelm im Synchrotonstrahl

May 2004 

The Guardian
The Guardian
PhysicsWeb - IoP

27 May - "Death, glory and particle physics
18 May - A renaissance in peril
  4 May - Physics meets archaeometry in ancient Greece

April 2004 

BBC News
Physics Web
From our own correspondent 

Wrapped in the Shroud - Turin Shroud may show second face
Reversal of fortune for Turin Shroud
Opening of the Ion Beam Centre at the University of Surrey

March 2004 

ESRF Press Release 

Unravelling the threads of history at the ESRF

February 2004 

RSC Press Release

Building a dragon’s blood bank

January 2004 

National Geographic 

STAR SEARCH: A 3600-year-old disk reveals that ancient Europeans were acute students of the stars

October 2003 

BESSY II Press Release 

Himmelsscheibe von Nebra: Vorstellung der naturwissenschaftlichen Ergebnisse
European Network of Competence at 1600BC

August 2003 

CCLRC Press Release
Physics Web 

Old meets new as the eagle lands at Isis
Archaeology turns to superconductivity

June 2003 

PhysicsWeb News 

Renaissance pottery comes under the microscope

August 2002 

US DoE Research News 

A great warship fights on

February 2002 

SSRL Press Release 

X-ray analysis of shipwreck may help conservators save waterlogged artifacts

January 2002 

Aber News 

The age of art from a grain of sand

July 2001 

Inside Science News Service

Physics News 

Naples Yellow: An Old Pigment Adds a New Shade to Science of Authenticating Art

Call me Mellow-Yellow

June 2001 

CLRC Labnews 

Rags and Bones Anyone?

May 2001 

Physics Web 

Carbon clock could show the wrong time

May 2000 

Physics Web
Synchrotron Radiation News 

Physics and archaeology
Synchrotron Radiation in Archaeometry: Workshop Meeting Report

August 1999 

CLRC Labnews 

A New Word is Born

Spring 1999 


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